I love to save money! These are my favorite sites and apps.


I have been on this site since 1998.  Start your online shopping here and earn points for gift cards.  You can also download grocery coupons to use in stores to earn points! Very Easy!

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Start you shopping here and earn cash back.  The check is mailed out quarterly.  I have been on this site since 2011 and have received a lot of money back.  

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Acorns App

This is an app.  You link it to your bank accounts and it rounds up every purchase and invests it for you!  The money is easy to get to if needed.  I have saved over $1000 in the year I have been using it.  Use the button below to sign up and we both get $5,

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Checkout 51 app

This app gives cash back on select grocery items.  Just buy the item and upload the receipt and you will get the money in your account.  They will pay out to PayPal when you reach $20.

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Dosh App

Another shopping refund app, but this one you can you use at actual brick and mortar stores OR online!  Link you cards, shop and get cash back.  Easy, peasy.

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Ibotta App

Cash back on groceries and other items.  Look at the deals, buy the items, scan the receipt and get cash back.  Very easy!

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Receipt Hog App

This one takes some time to earn cash, but all you do is take pictures of your receipts and upload them.  Usually takes me about 1 year to get $40 but hey, it was $40 I didn't have!  Just find the app and download!

ShopKick app

You will get gift cards using this app.  The great thing about it is, you do not have to buy things!!  What the what?  You get points just for scanning the UPC of select products (Of course, you get more if you buy the item and upload the receipt) so you do not have to buy anything!  I use mine for Amazon gift cards.

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TopCashBack App

Start your online purchase here and get cashback.  They also occasionally will have other offers, for instance, I bought a new type of dishwasher pods and got them for free when I purchase through the site and picked up at Walmart.  

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